Large Quantities – Short Set-Up Times

CNC 220 HD MW Tube and Profile Cold Bending Machine

Tube and Profile Cold Bending Machine CNC 220 HD MW

Tube and Profile Cold Bending Machine CNC 220 HD MW...

CNC220HD MW processes tubes with a diameter up to 219,1x12,7 mm

...processes tubes with a diameter up to 219,1x12,7 mm

Tube production for ships, the chemical industry or power plant construction is associated with huge quantities. Hundreds of kilometres of tube are installed in the wiring system of a cruise ship, for example. For shipbuilders, this means: central production processes such as bending the many different tube types must happen highly effectively. Frequent and long reconversion work on the bending machine is unwelcome. With the CNC 220 HD MW tube and profile cold bending machine, the bending specialists from Schwarze-Robitec have developed a unit that tackles this task highly efficiently with one multiple bending tool. At the same time, the integrated measuring system ensures accuracy.

Das Mehrfachbiegewerkzeug garantiert minimale Rüstzeiten

The multiple bending tools guarantees minimal set-up times

In a single cruise ship, there are around 250 kilometres of tubing. Many different tube types with variable diameters and different materials are used. Tube bending machines are therefore very important in ship building. They must be extremely flexible and able to process tube bends in different nominal diameters and materials in very quick succession. At the centre of this is the bending tool, as Schwarze-Robitec Marketing Manager Jürgen Korte points out: “If a machine operator has to reconvert the machine every time a new tube bend is to be produced, the total production would be much too time-consuming and drawn out. The set-up times therefore need to be kept to a minimum with the aid of multiple bending tools.”

This demand has now also characterised the construction of a large hydraulic plant at Schwarze-Robitec: the CNC 220 HD MW is a tube and profile cold bending machine with a total weight of 32 tonnes. It is able to process tubes with a maximum diameter of 219.1 by 12.7 millimetres – at a tube length of up to 6 metres. Despite its size, the plant is extremely flexible to handle: with the multiple bending tool, up to 70 percent of the set-up times of conventional plants on the market can be saved. It is therefore possible to process tubes in different materials such as steel, copper-nickel-iron alloys and stainless steel on one tool and with no conversion work. At the same time, thin-walled and thick-walled tubes with different diameters can be bent. “With this clever tool concept, we can handle the broadest range of material standards and tube shapes.

Trotz ihrer Größe ist die neue CNC 200 HD MW außergewöhnlich flexibel im Handling

Despite its size, the new plant is exceptionally flexible to handle

The set-up times between the various versions are minimal. There is no need for conversion of the plant. A variety of production data are saved in the system,” bending specialist Korte explains further.